New Generation Charging Stations

The secret behind the popularity of our new generation charging stations lies in their market appeal.
We have independently developed three core systems that far surpass the performance of our competitors.

As an explorer in the field of new energy electric vehicle charging equipment, we have accumulated rich core technologies and product advantages in the power supply domain. We have quickly established the development and design capabilities of the new energy field. we are a high-tech enterprise specialized in providing EV Charging products and new energy charging solutions for electric vehicles.
We are committed to our social responsibility by supporting low-carbon and green transportation initiatives. We strive to contribute to environmentally-friendly and sustainable mobility.
Our Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solution for comprehensive energy infrastructure management helps avoid the need for users to communicate with multiple different energy equipment suppliers simultaneously, thereby improving their work efficiency. We aim to integrate and upgrade your facilities more effectively. Additionally, our IFM solution at Zhongneng Energy takes into account the various aspects involved in the construction process, allowing us to tailor a customized solution for you.