Do you know the requirements for installing Electric car charging stations?

2023-03-07 15:45

With the popularization of new energy electric vehicles, people are gradually shifting from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, leading to an increase in charging demands. Although many automobile manufacturers advocate for "charging with the vehicle," installing charging stations in residential communities still requires considering the following conditions:

  1. Site Determination:Before installing new energy electric vehicle charging stations in a residential community, it is necessary to determine the site and assess whether there are suitable locations for installing the charging stations. Additionally, the number of parked vehicles in the area should be evaluated to select the appropriate types and quantities of charging stations to avoid the issue of "zombie stations."

  2. Communication with Property Management:Once the site is determined, communication with the property management is essential. This involves discussing whether installation is allowed, evaluating the electrical capacity of the community, addressing fire safety concerns, and establishing cooperation methods.

  3. Installation Conditions:Assessing the signal conditions of the site, whether there are existing parking shelters, and whether the assistance of certified electricians is needed are important considerations before installation.

  4. Online Operation:High-quality charging stations, such as those produced by Jitang Electric, have a comprehensive operating system that provides remote monitoring and upgrading services. This system enables efficient and simple online management, allowing easy access to work-related tasks using just a smartphone.

After considering these conditions, the installation of the electric vehicle charging stations can proceed.

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